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  • GameXso is a Fantasy sports portal where you can use your sports knowledge to earn some real cash prizes, assured bonuses, and awesome cashback. PlayerzPot is 100% Legal and secure.
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  • This ‘How to Win’ guide is for those who are playing for the first time or constantly losing the games. If you are a pro, then I guess you already know it how to win.
  • We will give you the daily team updates, news about players & probable playing eleven which will help you to create your team.
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This point is for those who are new to this game. If you know how to play fantasy cricket, you can skip this point.

Please follow these simple steps to play and win cash!

  • Register / Log-in to GameXso.
  • Select a match and click on Join now
  • Create your Fantasy Squad of 11 Players (1 Wicket Keeper, 3-5 Batsmen, 1-3 All-Rounder, 3-5 bowlers ) using the virtual budget of 1000 Gems from all the players in the particular match.
  • Now you have to select Captain and Vice-captain. This is very important for winning as Captain gets 2 X points and Vice-captain gets 1.5 x points.
  • Join Paid pot of Rs. 25 from Bonus Cash
  • Once the live match starts, your Fantasy Squad starts earning points on the basis of the actual performance of the Players selected by you. Final points, rankings, and winners are declared after the end of the match.
  • To create the team, you need to select a minimum of 2 & maximum of 3 All-Rounders.
  • The selection of taking more or fewer All-Rounders depends upon the Match and Main Players.
  • Select the players which are in form by looking at the previous records.
  • Do not select all All-Rounders from one team. Pick accordingly from each team.
  • Pick the All-Rounders whose attacking record is well. This will help to score more points.
  • Select All-Rounders based on the team performance don’t depend on one team. If both the teams are performing well in the series then select at least 1 All-Rounder from each team, if only one team is performing then select more from that team and the rest from another team.
  • To create the team, you need to select a minimum of 3 & maximum 5 Defender.
  • Selection of taking more or less Defenders depends upon the actual matches attacking lineup. If lineup is strong then select less defenders, if lineup is weak then select more defenders so you may receive more points.
  • Pick at least 2 Defenders from each team, don’t depend on one team.
  • Select at least one defender who has an attacking record also.

To create the team, you need to select minimum of 2 & maximum of 3 Raiders.
Select at least 2 Raiders, one from each team and max 3 as Raiders.
Don’t select the Raiders who is well known also do a background check for his form.
Make sure at least one Raiders is Captain or Vice-captain.

  • Selection of Captain and Vice-captain can change the entire game as Captain gets 2 x points and Vice-captain 1.5 x points, so choose it wisely.
  • Select at least one Raider for Captain or Vice-captain as they usually score more points in a match.
  • Avoid selecting Defenders as Captain. However, you can select good Defenders as Vice-captain.
    If both the team has the best Raiders then select Attackers as the Captain and Vice-captain Players.
  • Never select the Captain and Vice-captain player from the same team as the chances are very less that both the players are performing well from the same team.
  • For players who you are not sure of how they will perform in the match, mark them as Z-Factor as their points will be reduced to half the points they score in the actual match.

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