Privacy Policy

The privacy policy and personal information data safety related to the services and Entertainment Features offered by Gamexso are defined in this document.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           KINDLY READ THROUGH THE PRIVACY POLICY OF GAMEXSO. (“GAMEXSO” OR “GAMEXSO.COM” OR “US” OR “WE” OR “OUR”) AN ONLINE PLATFORM FOR FANTASY GAMES AND OTHER ENTERTAINMENT FEATURES.                                                                                                                           Gamexso is an online platform hosts a number of Fantasy Games that are based on sports like Cricket and Mobile Games on its mobile application or website “”                                                                                                                                                              Gamexso collects data from Users (“you” or “your”) participating or interacting with its website, partner website(s) or mobile application(s) (referred to as “Gamexso” or “Portal”). A User participating in contests or Fantasy Games hosted by the Portal understand that they shall be bound by the Privacy Policy of Gamexso.                                                                                                                                      Privacy of the users is of utmost importance and Gamexso is committed to protecting its user’s data in all aspects. Whilst providing a platform for Fantasy Games, Mobile Games, Gamexso collects data from its users to provide a comprehensive and immersive experience. The data is collected either by (i) registering as a User and providing the necessary information (ii) or as data received due to the User’s online activity or navigation of Gamexso website or mobile application. However, the use of information and data by the user shall be done at his or her own risk. While every effort is made to ensure that information or data provided on this site is accurate and current, it is only intended as basic information and Gamexso does not guarantee its correctness, accuracy and ownership.        User is required to exercise his or her own discretion and judgment, peruse and understand the Privacy Policy of Gamexso prior to submitting any personal information to understand the use and management of the data collected by the Portal. A User automatically consents to the collection and use of data by navigating through any part of the website or mobile application(s). A user, who doesn’t approve of the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of Gamexso, should discontinue the use of the Portal. Navigating or using any section of the Portal indicates an acceptance of the Privacy Policy and of the use and management of a user’s personal information in accordance with Gamexso’s Privacy Policy. For users who do not wish to disclose certain information or withdraw their consent to collection of data, certain aspects or services of the Portal may not be available and Gamexso reserves its right to not provide the user with its services.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Collection and Data Requirements                                                                                                                                                                                             For a user to enjoy or utilize all the products and services of Gamexso, they are required to register themselves and provide a certain background of personal information that can be used to characterize each user. The registration process enlists certain personal information to be shared, like:                                                                                                                                                                                                           1. Full Name
2. Username
3. Password
4. Email Address
5. Phone Number
6. Permanent Account Number
7. Location/Aadhaar/Address Proof                                                                                                                                                                                                  The information collected is shared by the user, either by voluntarily sharing the data during the registration process or through navigation of the website or Portal. Gamexso may also collect, use and disclose data from/to its partner(s) or affiliate(s)for marketing activities or to provide the user with a more personal and enriching experience. A User participating in the Fantasy Games, Mobile Games might also extend an invite to their friends or to other users (Invited Users) to participate along with them in the various Entertainment Features provided by Gamexso . The user can extend this invite by providing a valid email address or a Facebook Username. By providing these details, the User provides consent for the Portal to collect and use the data to extend an invitation to the Invited User. If accepted and if the Invited User navigates or participates in the Fantasy Games or Entertainment Features of the Portal, he/she consents to the use, collection and disclosure of their personal information and are bound by the same Privacy Policy of Gamexso.

Gamexso collects information that is specific to the Fantasy Game or Entertainment Feature that the user wishes to partake in or get involved with. The information collected is utilized for that service but is not limited only to that specific service or Entertainment Feature. This is done to provide the user with a Fantasy Gaming experience that is user-friendly and immersive. Furthermore, for legal processes or to ensure the safety and security of the Portal, Gamexso may share the user’s information with third parties or affiliates. This is done (i) to analyze the details of the User and to ensure that the data corroborates with the information provided and (ii) to prevent cases of fraud and ensure the security of Gamexso .                     

Admission and declaration of Information
Gamexso constantly aims to deliver the best experience to its users. To enable swift and smooth functioning of operations, Gamexso shares information provided by the User with its affiliates, third party service providers and marketers. This allocation and sharing of data is done for numerous reasons, such as:

1. Data Analytics
2. Improving the quality of services
3. Marketing purposes
4. To identify individuals
5. For legal purposes
6. To prevent fraud or unlawful activities
Gamexso will also notify the User or individual in circumstances where we intend to use the personal information provided to us by the User either through direct registration or through navigation on the Portal or through third parties or affiliates. For reasons other than what is listed in the Privacy Policy, the user has the option to withhold or withdraw their consent for use other than what is listed above. Gamexso shall ensure that the data shared with its partners and affiliates is safeguarded and used only for purposes that they are intended to be used for. Any User that engages the Portal, either by registering, navigating or participating in any of the services provided by Gamexso , explicitly grant their consent for the collection, storage, use and disclosure of the aforementioned information with its partners and affiliates who are also bound by the same Privacy Policy of Gamexso .

Additionally, if Gamexso is sold or certain aspects of its business assets are sold or transferred, consumer data may be one of the assets that will be shared or disclosed. A User hereby grants consent to Gamexso for any such disclosure or transfer of data.

In situations that demand legal purview, Gamexso also reserves the right to disclose information to the government authorities or for necessary legal processes or as a measure to safeguard the rights and security of Gamexso.                                                           

Profiling and Cookies
With a view to constantly improve and provide a user interface that is enriching, Gamexso makes use of “cookies” and other electronic tools that are meant to collect information of the user’s activity on the website and assign a unique identification number that helps us identify a particular User. Cookies are assigned, so that Gamexso can better understand the user’s interests using that specific computer or device. Gamexso cannot identify a User just by assigning a cookie, as a cookie does not extract any information from the personal drive or hard drive of the individual. Any personal information gathered by the cookie is only if the user provides or shares it with Gamexso . Advertisers or marketers associated with Gamexso may also deploy their own set of cookies to the user’s browser, if the user interacts with their ad banner or other marketing tools, this process and collection of data is not supervised by Gamexso .

Gamexso and its servers promptly collect only limited amount of information about the user when they visit the website or Portal. The information collected can range from information about the User’s computer or their broadband or internet connection or their IP Address. Pin-pointing a User’s IP Address does not imply personal identification of a user. It is a means to personalize the portal according to the interests of the user, to provide a service upon request, to measure the traffic on the portal, to upload the webpage upon request and to provide a geographical location of the user to assist advertisers with serving ads and understanding their audience.

Re-direction and Clickable links:
Gamexso may also advertise or host direct clickable links or banners to other websites on its Portal. Websites like these have their own terms and conditions and are represented by their individual strategies and Privacy Policies that aren’t controlled by Gamexso . Once a user migrates to the other websites by clicking on a link or banner, the user relocates to the servers of the said website or page. Gamexso does not control these servers or the web-pages that the user has migrated to, and any collection or use of data by these servers is in control and governance of the Privacy Policy of the host website. Gamexso can in no way we held responsible or liable for the privacy practices or the content delivered by such websites.

Updating Personal Information, Storage and Security Measures:
Gamexso hosts a controlled database for storage and security of all personal information divulged by its users. For security purposes, the data collected is stored in servers that are firewall protected and for additional security such servers are also password protected. Even after effective and strong security measures being implemented, no security system is impenetrable. Gamexso cannot provide a guarantee that no information will be intercepted or leaked or even provide a guarantee for the database’s security. Users, who voluntarily provide information in a post, chat or in any discussion areas may also be subject to data theft to anyone with internet access. By engaging with the Portal, the user also agrees to transfer and use of data in a country other than India.

With advancements and the constantly evolving nature of the internet, Gamexso may periodically review and update its Privacy Policy to incorporate certain changes that may seem advisable without providing any prior notification. However, the use of any data that is collected will be consistent with the policy under which it was gathered. Any change or update of the Privacy Policy will be incorporated on this page to notify users and to keep them aware of the information that is being collected, stored, used and disclosed.

In the same manner, a user must be prompt to notify Gamexso if there any changes, updates or modifications to their existing information. The user has the option to review, update or alter his/her information and preferences by logging into their Profile Page on the Portal.                 

Marketing and Advertising Activities:
To quantify the value of advertising and to serve its users with a personalized experience, Gamexso may share or disclose certain information with its advertisers. Data determining website traffic, age, location and other aspects that are necessary to create an aggregate statistic are shared with the advertisers and marketers of Gamexso . To provide content and features that are favorable or beneficial to a particular user, Gamexso or its affiliates may contact the registered user from time to time to get a basic understanding of their preferences.

Users are also advised to proceed with caution when responding to emails, blogs or e-mailers that claim to be from Gamexso . The aforementioned emails may also include the branding, logo and other information of Gamexso and may provoke the user to provide their username, password and other details by citing that the user has won a free prize/gift or other bonuses. This may be done to commit fraudulent or illegal activities that may harm the user and hence, users need to verify the source of such emails before divulging any information. Gamexso cannot be held responsible or liable for any damage cause to the user through unauthorized activities like these. To ensure your safety and protection, Gamexso recommends not responding to such emails, websites or blogs.

Gamexso only uses information that is provided by the user to contact them about features or services that may be beneficial to them or if they are listed in their preferences. To keep the user updated about Entertainment Features or different Fantasy Games, Gamexso may contact the user on the data they have provided, like their email and mobile number.

Conditions of Use:

Withholding Data and Information:
Gamexso may choose to retain a user’s data and personal information or continue to utilize the data until the relevant purpose of retaining that data is fulfilled. We may also retain or withhold personal information of a user if it is applicable by the law, contractual obligations or for legitimate business purposes. In matters of legal disputes, Gamexso may retain, use or disclose information if applicable.

Applicable law and complaints process:
Gamexso adheres to the laws of the Republic of India and any user interacting with the website and Portal also hereby agrees to the laws of the Republic of India without regard to its conflict of laws and principles, govern this Privacy Policy. In case any dispute does arise, it shall all be subjected to and governed by the dispute resolution process mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of Gamexso.

If a user is of the understanding that his/her privacy has been interfered with, they can contact the Portal by email expressing their concern. The complaints will be looked into and the complainant will be provided with an appropriate resolution to the addressed issue.

Refund and Cancellation policy:
Our focus is complete customer satisfaction. In the case of dissatisfaction from our services, users have the liberty to cancel their account on Gamexso and request a refund of the money that is available in their wallet. If the withdrawal request is for amount from the unutilized account, it will attract a charge of 5% of the amount in unutilized account, the user is trying to withdraw

CANCELLATION POLICY: For cancellation user will have to send a mail on Our team will take necessary action on this and will cancel your account from our end and will also refund back your available amount in your wallet.

REFUND POLICY: Refund will only be given on the matches which get cancelled or got abandoned and cancel games (i.e have no result). The refunded money will start reflecting in your wallet within 24 hours.                                       

  • Deletion of user data:

If any user wants to get his data deleted from our platform then he have to mail us on after that our team deletes the data of that user from our platform and sends it confirmation within 30 days!

Updating information:
You will promptly notify Gamexso if there are any changes, updates or modifications to your information. Further, you may also review, update or modify your information and user preferences by logging into your profile page on the portal.

  • Contact us:
  • Any questions or clarifications with respect to this policy or any complaints, comments, concerns or feedback can be sent to Gamexso at: or by normal/physical mail addressed to:
    Attn: Gamexso team
    Gamexso, Gamexso Games Private Limited,
    Sangrampur, Deedarganj,
    Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh 223224