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Ludo is the most popular board game amongst the masses. The game has a rich history dating back to ancient times. The exact origins of this famous board game come from the historic Ellora Caves in Maharashtra where it was depicted in the form of wall carvings and paintings. From this, it was concluded that the game has Indian origins. However, since then the Ludo was played on cloth, slates, and boards.

Over the years Ludo was called by different names like Chaucer, Chopard, and Pachisi. The Spanish version was known as Parcheesi whereas the Chinese version was called Chatush Pada. The people in Africa are familiar with Ludo and have named it Ludu. The game of Ludo made its first appearance in the epic of Mahabharata where the game was played on the basis of the choice both the Pandavas and Kauravas had to make.

Historians also believe the board game was popular during the reign of Mughal emperor Akhbar. The emperor was so fond of it that he had walls dedicated to the game in the cities of Agra and Fatehpur Sikri. Again during this period, the game evolved according to the needs and demands with many variations to it. But it was the British who converted Ludo into a board game when Albert Collier in 1891 added a dice cup into the mix.

The board game, however, has turned into a global phenomenon with players online flocking to try their hands on this game and rightfully get their tag of King of Ludo by defeating their opponents online. With the rising popularity of Ludo online, there are new players joining in who are looking for a ludo fantasy apk download. Worry not as we will guide you through each and every aspect of how to play the Ludo game online so that you are in sync and prepared to compete against these players.


  • Get all your tokens into the play from the beginning. In doing so you will have options to look for when needed rather than relying on a single token to make it to the finish line.
  • Make sure you keep your pieces on the board moving. It is in the best interest for you to get as much of a spread of your tokens across the ludo board. This makes your next move clear and also helps you adjust and adapt to any surprising move thrown at you by the opponents.
  • Plan on your next move, do not keep yourself restricted to the play on your hand but rather looks for the next move on your next roll of the dice. This will make the opponents confused about your intention thus handing you the advantage.
  • Strategically and timely elimination of your opponents carves an easy path for your tokens to move ahead. The more the opponent’s tokens you eliminate, the higher your chances of winning the ludo online game.
  • Plan your escape beforehand, always be on the lookout for the opponents setting up a trap for your tokens. The timely intervention will help you secure your pieces.
  • The safest place is near your home, whenever you looking to get out of a sticky situation during the gameplay, only move if you have rolled six on the dice.
    Never wait to strike or move. The online gameplay is at times unpredictable and you never know when the opponents get the better of you. So, in order to stay ahead of the curve, strike whenever there’s an opportunity and move quickly across the board when given the chance.



PlayerzPot has kept the true essence of the ludo game and has also added a twist with different modes of ludo online. At PlayerzPot, you have the option of playing regular ludo and pachisi. In the regular ludo, the players will have to release all their tokens on the board by rolling six. However, the player does not have to kill the opponent to reach the home board. The player who successfully manages to race all four of their token in-home space is crowned the winner.
Pachisi is a twist on the regular ludo. Here the player will already have two of their four tokens released from the starting box, the players will not have to roll six for these two tokens to be operational on the board. However, the other two tokens do need the roll of six on dice to come into play. In Pachisi, the players will have to eliminate their opponent in order to enter the final home, winning condition here is two at least have two of the tokens in the home after eliminating their opponent.
You can play online ludo games and earn money on the PlayerzPot. Here you have a range of different board games along with fantasy sports. PlayerzPot has the refer and earn policy wherein you can refer it to your friends and earn rewards, not only that the players can choose from the pot of their choice and enjoy the seamless online gaming experience. So, in order to play ludo online with friends, you will have to download the PlayerzPot application that is also available on the Apps store. If you are looking for an android version all you need to do is to register your mobile number and a link will then be forwarded to you. Through the link, you can download the ludo game apk and enjoy gaming on your android devices. Play fantasy ludo board games online with friends.
Ludo fantasy apk download, by all means, is safe and legal to play online. The ludo board game has quickly become the most preferred choice of the online players and the team at PlayerzPot has taken due note of it and has designed a perfect game that meets the demands of the gamers. Though one cannot turn into a ludo master overnight, with the help of the tips and regular practice the crown of Ludo champion is never too far.
If this was not enough, the players playing online are earning cash rewards of 10 lakhs and above. Given that you can play at your own convenience backed by the fact you can earn real money who would not want to get a piece of online action. Certainly, this has presented huge opportunities for those who were looking to make the most of their free time. Not only this many of the players who started as amateurs are now full-time online gamers reaping huge chunks of cash rewards. So what are you waiting for? Download ludo game app and win big on PlayerzPot.

In order to start your journey to rise as a seasoned player, you will first need to know the basics. The game is generally played between two to four players sitting next to each other. Each player has four similar colored tokens placed in their home square. The player then rolls the dice to move their tokens across the board to the finish line. Ludo on PlayerzPot can be played with 2 to 4 players with each player getting their designated color of the token ( Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue).

The rule states that the player in order to move one of the four tokens needs to roll the dice of six. Unless and until the player does not roll the dice to six the token will remain in the home straight and will not be allowed to move across the board. Upon rolling six the player can release a new token or can make a move with the existing token on the board. The player gets an additional roll of dice with six but be aware that a consistent roll of 6 three times in a row will forfeit your chance.

Perhaps the most interesting part is to eliminate the opponents by playing online ludo games and earning money. If a player’s piece lands on the same square that is already occupied by a different colored token then the opponent’s token is eliminated resulting in the player then again trying to roll six to get the piece running on the board again. The path to becoming a ludo champ online is not easy and you will have to clear your path to victory by eliminating other players. Make sure you make your strike count.
Although there is a catch while eliminating players on the board. The fourth square from the top-right corner of the board column and home column has a star-marked square where the players cannot be eliminated. It’s basically a safe haven for the players and at a time multiple colored tokens can rest on the same safe marked square. This again adds a twist to the game which can be utilized well if the player finds themselves in a tough spot.

The destiny of the player’s token is to complete the whole round of the ludo board without being eliminated. The journey in its final conclusion reaches when the token lands on the last six squares leading towards the end zone where it retires. So if the player has to win he/she needs to ensure that all the colored tokens are safely placed inside the end zone. But make sure you do not crowd out the end zone section of six squares as this makes your end game quite hectic and decelerated.
However, the player won’t be able to make a move if there are no other options in form of tokens available. Then here the player has to forfeit the turn and wait for a while until they get their chance back to roll the dice. The journey of being a Champion is not deemed successful until all four of the colored tokens successfully complete the journey to the end zone.
The game does require planning and strategy to crown yourself as the winner, although early beginners will struggle to get the better of the opponents so in regards to that in particular, below we have listed a few tips which can help you become a shrewd ludo master and help you win against toughest of players. Not only these tips are game-changing but also form the base for your core gameplay. So without further ado let’s get straight into it.

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